A Million And… – Future

futureinterviewThis is it folks, the first interview conducted by your favourite Bakers here at Fresh Out The Oven. There are a number on the way, but we’re real excited to have our first completed and happy to have Future take time out of his schedule to answer our questions. From where he reps to who has taken a big-brother role in his career, Future opens up in the first session of “A Million And…”

Your MySpace profile has From BK to Palm Beach on it. Where are you originally from? Also explain to everyone what it means to have both places accept you and your work.
I’m originally from Palm Beach,FL and currently residing in BK. I was practically raised in NYC between Queens, and Brooklyn so I have more of a New York Style of Hip-Hop. Although I appeal to NY’s style of rap, I still have southern influences that allow me to shift gears and switch up my style when needed.

It’s no surprise to anyone on FOTO that we like those from the GFC. How did the track with Mickey Factz happen?
Well my manager at the time was good friends with Mickey’s manager Saint, and we met first at a starbucks in the city to talk about the track. Mickey was real inspiring at this time to me and gave me very good advice and also took sort of a big brother role in my career saying the I could reach out to him anytime for anything. Maybe about a week later we did the track and it came out bananas. Should be shooting the video soon.

Being as just about anybody can jump on a track and throw it on YouTube, what extra little things need to be done in this day and age to have not only labels, but your fans, take you seriously? Not only that, but have them respect your music and you?
You have to set a standard for yourself as an artist. Stay true to your art form and you will always win. Its like you’re driving to a specific destination and you get lost, its better off you find out where you are and continue on instead of going back to where you started. You have to “Focus On The Future” and never give up on what you beleive in.

How many current and upcoming MCs today do you feel will last the test of time? (10 years and still be getting play)
Jay-Z ofcourse, Kanye, and as far as upcoming MC’s, Mickey Factz, Theophilus London, and Future. No doubt.

Nas or Jay?
Jay-Z! But dam “Ether” was crazy.

Being a relative up-and-comer in this crazy industry, you run into some challenges and challengers. What challenge/challenger are you most looking forward to “eating for breakfast”?
No one is really a challenge to me at the moment. I try to stay out of trouble and just focus on my music. But I’m known to speak my mind on anything and say what I feel at any given time because I am an Artist and this is America.

What can we expect from Future in the…Future?
I’m going to re-invent this thing we called Hip-Hop. When I do it, I’m going to help so many people come up its not even funny. One of my biggest goals is not even to be a musician, but to inspire and be the biggest humanitarian that I can in life no matter what. I’m going to be releasing a lot of content this year thats going to be maybe shocking to the industry but I dont want to let the cat out the bag, everyone just has to stay “focused”

What do you want to say to your fans and our readers at Fresh Out The Oven?
“I’m hot baby….Must you take me out the oven?” – FuTuRe lol..na but I really need ya’ll at this point to just “Focus On The Future and Forget About The Past”

*editor’s note
The line “I’m Hot Baby…Must You Take Me Out The Oven” is from the song Swaggerific.


4 Responses to “A Million And… – Future”

  1. 1 rflynn17
    January 17, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    sick interview, real pumped for whats next with future

  2. 2 Jordan
    January 19, 2009 at 11:06 am

    Awesome … let’s hope he really does reinvent hip-hop, with this much talent I’m sure its a matter of when, not if

  3. 3 allsportstalk
    January 19, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    you talk about the myspace profile, but where is the link to the profile?? hook it up brotha

  4. January 19, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    linked up ast, good call on that one.

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