Maestro Knows Video Reel Catch-Up

Speaking of Levi Maestro, he has a dope little segment he puts out via his Hypebeast blog and web-site called Maestro Knows. Maestro doing Maestro, for Maestro.
As someone planning on making the big trip to Cali sometime in the near future, Maestro and his Maestro Knows segments are nothing but motivation to get out there. Another young man grinding, figuratively and literally.
Gotta Love It(c)Jeezy.
Episodes 2-9 for advanced level readers, and they just get better and better.

Anthony Hamilton – Maestro Knows #2

GFCNY’s Curtains – Maestro Knows #3

Estevan Oriol – Maestro Knows #4

Dom Kennedy – Maestro Knows #5

Skating In The Yeezys – Maestro Knows #6

San Fran – Maestro Knows #7

Gourmet OGs – Maestro Knows #8

Terry Kennedy – Maestro Knows #9
*gotta love P.Rod in there too


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