Ok There’s More…Nike’s Most Valuable Puppets

I would pretend to be mad at the number of times they did this commercial, but then whenever I see new ones I just laugh harder so I don’t really care.
Another commercial, and a slight explanation as to why we’ve been slackin on our mackin, scrimpin on our pimpin and just straight up blowing it lately (pause, as much as I hate that).

definitely the weakest one so far, but it references a certain old Kobe commercial. Heads will know, heads. will. know.

So lately we’ve been basically posting videos and mixtapes and the OCCASIONAL track or two, all of which I want to apologize for. And I don’t do that often so take it while you can get it. Basically there’s been a hire/recruit that we are real excited about, but he’s taking his time to get into the swing of things. Basically this weekend we SHOULD have hammered out all the kinks and determined roles properly.
And hey, if this recruit ends up shitting the bed ALL the time, I’m not a publicly traded company and can release him in the least humane of ways possible…if I wanted. So here’s to next week getting back to the way things used to be.


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