Gillette Can Do No Wrong

gillettechampsI’m not sure but I think I’ve been slacking on the sports posts. But here’s a perfect one set up for me by the kind folks who also provide my shave.

rogerfedererRoger Federer just won his FOURTEENTH Major, taking the finals in straight sets on Sunday. This win ties him with Pete Sampras for most Majors in their careers. He’s only 27. It was also the first time he was able to capture The French, allowing him to finally get that elusive Career Grand Slam (winning all of the four different majors). My background has LeBron and “We Are All Witnesses”, but Federer deserves a background like that of his own. He truly is the best tennis player to play the game. Anyone who has watched even a fraction of his career and/or has played some tennis in their lives could see that. Congratulations to Roger Federer on his further solidification of that fact.

henrybarcelonaThierry Henry and Barcelona FC recently finished up their Champions League season with a convincing 2-0 win over Manchester United. I like everyone on Barcelona except friggin Iniesta. 93rd minute goal against Chelsea in the semis made sure of that. But, I’m getting away from the facts. Congrats to Thierry Hnery and Barcelona on their season treble. They won the league cup, league standings and they are the Champions League…Champions.

tigerwoodsTiger Woods won the Memorial. Again. Is this even news? Career win number SIXTY SEVEN!


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