Y3 Murdered 2009s Hemla & Hayworth

y3-aw09-hemla-1-540x357UPDATE: I brought this back up because they continued to destroy this years Honja’s. I wish I could afford these Y-3’s folks, I truly do.
The new Y-3 Hemla’s are pretty much unreal. The lady thinks they look a lot like a boxers shoe…idk. And then the Hayworth’s are real clean and NEAR perfect. Something about the toe bothers me.
Let’s get a little conversation going though. With all their boutique brands and collabos, is Adidas better than Nike or is Nike just too strong? hit me on twitter since I know you fools don’t like to comment.

Uh OH! Fashion posts are back. With the new recruit eventually handling most of the noise on the page I’ll be available for more L&B, Mo Money, TYM, Movies and yes…fashion posts. Suckas.


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