Same Direction – New Pace

glenabbeyI unfortunately don’t have 1000s of dollars coming in from advertising here. I do this for hip hop/you and I do it for $FREE.99. Every post costs you nothing…pay it some mind.
As a result, a man still needs to get paid and that beautiful course entrance you see up top is exactly where I will be collecting those pay cheques from. To find out about what is going to happen with Fresh Out (I won’t ever stop this thing) for the remainder of the summer click below

All the other authors have been cut from the team, not because they aren’t valuable or anything…just because I don’t have the time to teach and they don’t have the time to post content…makes sense. That will probably be reevaluated for the fall, but for now it is what it is.
I wake up at 4:30am daily for my job now. No complaints, just saying I have a far different lifestyle than I used to. The majority of my posts were scheduled ones conjured up at night while I was restless in bed. There will still be posts, and a more concerted effort than there has been to make it on a daily basis…but they won’t be coming in droves like they used to.
Consider the next few months until probably September the “Slow Cooker Edition” of Fresh Out The Oven. And please stick with us, anything and everything posted will still be worth your ears, time and bandwidth.

Still music, fashion, women and sports on a day-to-day basis at Fresh Out The Oven. Just not in 8-10 posts at a time. Thank you for your patience folks.


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