Before My “Semi” Return

S. Bowman, Superintendent @ Glen Abbey Golf Course. Deep in thought.

S. Bowman, Superintendent @ Glen Abbey Golf Course. Deep in thought.

Before I come “back” and help Matt with the day to day of this sucker, I want to thank him very much for re-opening the site without a hitch. I want to say a few words about working @ The 100th Playing of The Canadian Open and how the site will essentially be run from here on out…all explained only for the advanced level readers.

Fresh Out The Oven’s Future:
Matt has been running the music posts, save for I think one measly track, since I posted the link to the new Drake single almost two weeks ago. I would say he’s done rather well for the ears, wouldn’t you agree?
As such he will continue to handle the majority of music posts on the site, and I will be there to follow-up with any songs I think he may have missed out on.
I will continue to handle any of the “feature” posts. Such as Thank Your Mother, Love & Basketball, Sunday Night Sexy, Throwback Thursdays (yeah, big fail on that one so far), etc. etc. Also the fashion posts you see on here will be me as well.
Back at it!

The 100th Playing of The Canadian Open @ Glen Abbey:
I had heard horror, no, war stories of the Canadian Open last year and pretty much figured there was no way it would happen again. Wrong. Three straight days of raining and thunder-showers and there we were at 5:30 on our “day off” working our way around the course to get it ready for the end of the 3rd and the start of the 4th Rounds. Spending hours in one bunker, Squeegeeing anything with water, you name it we did it to get a course ready for the PGA and it’s pros. In the last two days I’ve worked a combined 30+ hours, no big deal. And I don’t mean sitting and typing at my computer work. However, when it is all said and done I know some things.
-I will get to say that I not only was at, but worked through the nights at The 100th Playing of my country’s PGA sanctioned Open. There’s a crew of only MAYBE 40 that will ever get to say that in their lives.
-Michael Jordan wears MC Hammer pants while golfing, and carries a coffee cup filled with Scotch while doing so. He’s also gigantic and surprisingly well-tempered for having hooked his ball into the spot we stood.
-Nobody parties like a turf crew after a week, or sorry weeks of hard work and watching it get washed away day after day only to put it together again in less than 24 hours. Multiple times.


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