Pac Div Church League Champions Tape

previewpacdivThis tape is unbelievable. Besides Throw It In The Bag (remix), the Fab f/ Keri Hilson track and Run This City this is pretty much all I’m listening to. There’s a reason Matt is handling music right? Ha. Well done young grasshoppa.
If you haven’t been on Pac Div for a while now…point in the mirror and laugh.


Download: Pac Div Church League Champions
*that title is genius


4 Responses to “Pac Div Church League Champions Tape”

  1. July 30, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    People are straight-up STUPID if you don’t download this. I’m not going to write that right there, but the comments can get it.
    This is a feel bad for your mother moment if you don’t download it.

    New Air Max, watch me flip ‘em. Been dope, Hen-Coke Cognac sipper. High class, fly ass, live rap n*. Felines go crazy tryna find that Twitter. Like Master Chief blastin with my hand on the controller. Like Master P blastin with his No Limit Soldiers. N* colder than a polo or Ovechkin with the puck. I got nothin but depression and aggression in my cup. I aint worried, I aint stressin cuz I’m better than the bunch

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