Live From Forest City Correctional Facility

fccfsmallT.I. is still putting out tapes from jail. Dedication to his game. Tracklist and Download for advanced level readers.

fccf01. T.I. – Welcome Back to the Trap
02. T.I. – For Real (World Premire Exclusive)
03. T.I. – Living (World Premire Exclusive)
04. T.I. – Bread Up Feat. Scarface
05. T.I. – Dont Give Up (World Premire Exclusive)
06. T.I. – If Your Brave
07. T.I. – Thats What I Thought
08. T.I. – All the Time
09. T.I. – Magic Ft. Robin Thicke
10. T.I. – Good Love
11. T.I. – Thats the Way You Want it
12. T.I. – We Everywhere (World Premire Exclusive)
13. T.I. – Stop My Show (World Premire Exclusive)
14. T.I. – Pimp Squad Da Click (World Premire Exclusive)
15. T.I. – Never Been Scared (World Premire Exclusive)
16. T.I. – I Miss You (World Premire Exclusive)
17. T.I. – Forever Mane (World Premire Exclusive)
18. T.I. – Chedder (World Premire Exclusive)
19. T.I. – Going Down (World Premire Exclusive)

Download: T.I. Live From Forest City Correctional Facility


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