DAMN Kanye…

kanyefreshnewI hope that the Run This Town verse Mr. Fresh dropped is what we can expect for future projects from him as well. I wanted to throw this picture up from my Glow In The Dark experience, which I just recovered. Why not throw the whole Kanye verse after the jump right?
Kanye absolutely murdered this verse. Murdered it. Jay has been killed on his own shit twice now. Eminem on Renegade, Kanye on Run This Town. I’m not mad, no shots. Just saying.

It’s crazy how you can go from being joe blow, to everybody on your dick no homo.
I bought my whole family whips, no Volvos. Next time I’m in church please no photos.
Police escorts, everybody passports. This the life that everybody ask for.
This a fast life we are on a crash course. What you think I rap for? To push a fuckin Rav4?
But I know that if I stay stunting, all these girls only gon’ want one thing.
I could spend my whole life good will hunting. Only good gon come is its good when I’m cumming.
She got a ass that’ll swallow up a g-string. And up top uh, two bee stings.
And I’m beasting off the Riesling. And my n* just made it out the precinct.
We give a damn about the drama that you do bring. I’m just tryna change the colour on your mood ring.
Reebok?! Baby, you need to try some new things. Have you ever had shoes without shoe strings?
What’s that ‘Ye? Baby these heels. Is that a May-WHA?! Baby these wheels.
Trippin when you aint sippin’, have a refill. You feelin like you run it huh? Now you know how we feel.


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