Give Us A Minute

Both hansonjr and I are making the move back up to our respective schooling towns this week (aka today and tomorrow) and then who knows when we’ll have internet at our homes. I will be heading to the school whenever possible to get my two cents in. Aka you will have the new Drake track, my favourite track from the Cudi album, a new Rae joint, Los mixtapes and tons of other things in the coming week.
And sorry about this weekend, we were both away at a cottage. That’s how it goes on the last weekend of the summer.

Oh and a quick update…Jay and Rae are BOTH dropping September 8th, aka this Tuesday. That’s right people, they still come out in stores and not just downloaded for free online. Then Cudi drops the 15th, that’s the week after. Skyzoo FINALLY gets his day on September 29th, snippets available at 2dope. Then we get The Clipse and Wale on the same day, October 20th. PLEASE go support good music. Trey Songz out now. Trey Songz out now. Trey Songz out now…ha.

And. I’m. Gone.


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