Los Needs A Pen and a Contract To Sign

losA little while ago a couple friends of mine went down to Cali to see old friends and family, and it’s a good thing they did. I guess someone put @phillip_hahn onto this guy named “Los” from Baltimore. He in turn put me onto him and while I’m not really a big fan of artists that just go in over other people’s beats…this guy goes in like a life sentence. Below you can download three tracks that SHOULD convince you to read onward and download entire mixtapes from him. He may or may not have done Say You Will better than Drake…’nuff said.

Download: Los – Intro (Swaggsville Mixtape)
Download: Los – Please Don’t Shoot Me Down
Download: Los – A Milli
*Los or Twista…I think Twista is faster, Los is clearer on A Milli

Below you can download ENTIRE tapes, these are not tracks. If you want the cover art, be sure to check out Los online anyway. Try Google, I heard they are big.

Download: Los Presents Welcome To Swaggsville

Download: Los Presents G5.2

Download: Los Presents G5 *It’ll be up as soon as I find it again.


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