Chris Brown Can Transform Ya

rihannacassiesmall1While TMZ and other media-gigolo’s have probably already killed this joke, Chris Brown is currently transforming the way the highways look around his home. And that was for transforming Rihanna’s skin-tone and complexion. And Lil Wayne, well he transformed Lauren London’s stomach into a preggers one (congrats to them on the baby). Swizz, well he transformed from Full Surface first-lady to Alicia Keys being on his arm. I’m done now. Get the track. I don’t think this record is as big as people are playing it off as. It’s pretty good, but not huge.

Download: Chris Brown f/ Lil Wayne – Transform Ya (Prod. Swizz Beatz)


1 Response to “Chris Brown Can Transform Ya”

  1. October 1, 2009 at 10:16 am

    Wayne’s second verse is pretty alright. I’ll give them that. Brown can always sing, but like I said…he’s got more trash to pick up before I can dance around to his noise again. And I would put f/ Swizz Beatz as everyone else does…but that’s NOT a feature SWIZZY! That’s ad-libbing over your beat!

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