RubyHornet.com Presents – Closed Sessions

So I’ve been missing out on these, at least for their first two I’ve missed. Since their third effort happens to come with an incredibly, incredibly dope song I figured I had to put you on game. The first two sessions come with a nice track as well, so you’re getting three if you’re an advanced level reader. Basically the concept behind RH’s Closed Sessions is to stick a rapper in the SoundScape studios and have him create a song to an original beat. Sounds like a regular session to me. Above is Naledge and Double-O (aka Kidz In The Hall), Mikkey Halsted, Chip The Ripper and while you don’t see him, Donnis is on the track. Cheers to the folks at RubyHornet.

Download: Kidz In The Hall, Chip The Ripper, Mikkey Halsted & Donnis – Fresh Academy

Their first session was with Mr. Wake & Bake himself, Currensy. The first two closed sessions chose beats created by Tony Baines (the first two sessions are the ones presented after the jump).

Download: Currensy – Rapper Weed

The second session features a rapper I’m enjoying watching come up, Truck North, and a rapper I’ve been enjoying for a while now in Big Pooh. Also choosing a Tony Baines joint, these two go in.

Download: Truck North & Big Pooh – Dutch Dalton


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