Kanye West GITD Book Available Today

3106_ad92b74603e6844d94847791f2f9cb96While I won’t be buying this myself as I’m personally waiting for a DVD, or a much better gift than a keychain for my “VIP” ticket purchase for the show…I’m not opposed to letting you folks know about it. You can be a regular joe and get your book through amazon, or you can get in touch with Rizzoli Books themselves and get the limited version. I’m a limited nut so, if you’re going to get me one…contact them first. More information and pictures, including a few from my GITD album, after the jump…


Interview with tour collaborator Spike Jonze

288 pages with gatefolds / 9⅝” x 13” / 400 photographs /CD with unreleased music and interview
HC w/jacket $50.00 U.S., $62.00 Canadian, £30.00 U.K.

Deluxe edition with Clamshell case: 12½” x 16½” / 978-0-8478-3294-1
Trade Edition available on amazon.com; Limited Edition available through Rizzoli Bookstore 1-800-52-BOOKS


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