On Sale: Diamond District

diamonddistrictI don’t normally just hold out on a bunch of music to start, as I like to share. But Diamond District has been a little secret of my own for now. I’m not trying to say I am the only one who knows about them. Helllll no. These guys are way too dope to not be known. But I wanted to put up a feature post about them. One of the first, “On Sale” posts. I am tired of looking at some of the dopest artists CD sales numbers. It’s time to do my part and push the hell out of great music. Downloads including individual tracks, album previews and individual tracks below.

Go cop their CD!

Majority of the tracks courtesy of 2dope

Diamond District is composed of Oddisee (who has been featured on FOTO for his production and lyrics), X.O and Y.U. They represent DC, and more importantly the whole DMV. But I’ll let them tell it.

As taken from the group’s site:

Oddisee (producer/MC from Prince George’s county, Maryland) formed this group with solo artist, XO and YU. The idea was to create a mid-90’s boom-bap themed record for the DC, Maryland & Virginia metropolitan area. XO, (born & raised in North West DC) defines what it is to be a black male raised in the district, with lyrics that have a way of philosophizing that street life. Oddisee defines the experience of growing up in black middle class Maryland. Bordering the poverty his and many other families fled to escape, they found the troubles of the inner city came along with them. YU, having been raised in the district, Maryland & Virginia, shows that DC culture exceeds it’s 10 mile radius.

Download: Make It Clear (remix)
This track was actually just blasted to the internets as I was making this post. This is a REAL dope remix of Make It Clear, off of their latest album. That track was dope to begin, the remix does it justice.

Download: Hologram
Download: Gully
Download: I Mean Business
Download: Who I Be

Download: Diamond Distict – Diamond Exchange

As I mentioned before…

Go cop their CD!


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