Old JD Era – Shorty Grindin

Ok, this came on the Final Destination tape featuring JD Era’s skills (still stupid amped for his next OFFICIAL tape…I guess you are still flashing that late pass though Era?). I can’t get enough of this track in particular. If you are sleeping on JD Era or the other two T.O folks on it (Bishop Brigante and Jimmy/Aubrey Graham/Drizzy/Drake), this song is for you too. You won’t be sleeping after this, even if you live a block away. WHO in the F did this beat?! bonkers.

Download: JD Era f/ Bishop Brigante & Drake – Shorty Grindin

1 Response to “Old JD Era – Shorty Grindin”

  1. December 14, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    Drake’s Verse:

    She Amy Winehouse. No, no, no, no Freehead. She like I need bread.
    Baby I’m a pre-med. Plus she a weed head.
    50 for a dance. 100 if it’s private. 10,00 to enter where her kness spread.
    I’m like you must be insane ho. May look like I’m rich but I do not look like a lame though.
    You just lookin at me crazy like I’m speakin fable.
    They might make it rain, I could make you see a rainbow. I’m sayin though.
    These * are parched, I’m sippin Henney Paradis.
    Bishop, Era I can bring ‘em anywhere with me.
    I look interested only when I care to be.
    Baby I am drinkin, trust me there is plenty guaranteed.
    You secure. I aint throwin you no dollars on the stage.
    I will shower you with knowledge baby you will be amazed.
    If I put you on then trust me you a shoe-in for a raise.
    And I learned it from my Daddy, it aint Kosher but it pays.

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