Fabolous Finally Drops No Competition 2

FINALLY! After Drama hyping this day, then that day, then this hour, then that hour we FINALLY get Fabolous’ mixtape. To be honest, after all the build-up I heard from Drama, Fab or TelevisionNews (MTV) it needed to be better than this to live up to the hype. That’s not saying there aren’t good tracks and Fab’s lines aren’t good, but just that after all the build-up you expect more. For those who are pleasantly surprised to see this, it’s a great tape.

01. The Wake
02. I’m Raw
03. Body Ya
04. Hard f/ Kobe, Paul Cain & LA The Darkman
05. Oh Let’s Do It
06. Suicide 2 f/ Paul Cain & Freck Billionaire
07. It’s Goin’ Down f/ Freck Billionaire
08. Roger That f/ Freck Billionaire
09. Love Come Down
10. Popular Demand f/ Paul Cain
11. Mr. R.I.P
12. Body Bag f/ Cam’ron & Vado
13. Beamer, Benz, or Bentley f/ Lloyd Banks Juelz Santana
14. For The Money f/ Nicki Minaj
15. Tonight f/ Red Cafe
16. All The Way Turnt Up f/ Trey Songz
17. Say Somethin’ Nigga
18. Funeral Service Music f/ Kobe, Paul Cain, Red Cafe & Willie The Kid
19. Bring Death To Em’
20. Exhibit F

Download: Fabolous x DJ Drama Present There Is No Competition 2: The Funeral Service


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