Love & Basketball #40

I’ve BEEN doing this thing I guess, right? Love & Basketball didn’t even start at the start and I’m on my 40th post of it? Oh boy.
Just as expected, Usher tracks continue to leak and I have NO idea when his album is actually going to release. Speaking of releases, I guess since T.I is out Usher was allowed to leak the rest of his Atlanta features (oh ya and Luda, one of my favourite R&B rappers, is a feature on an URSH track too)

Download: Usher f/ T.I – Guilty
Download: Usher f/ Ludacris – She Don’t Know
*She Don’t Know came out before, but without a Ludacris verse…and to be honest, it’s the only reason I like the track

Not that this one is a whole lot better, but I had to put this up after reminding myself just how HORRIBLE this year’s NBA All Star Saturday was…

NBA Jam Trailer…honestly not impressed. Hopefully they get some next gen graphics going on it for PS3, because Wii….not for me.


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