A-Trak x Dirty South x Dance x The Number 2

I first saw A-Trak open up and then DJ for Kanye at the Getting Up Festival Marc Ecko put on in Toronto. I had always enjoyed and appreciated what DJs do, but seeing what this man could do with a couple of decks put it into a whole new perspective. The way he transitioned between two songs, scratched those tracks and then towards the end was mashing tracks together…game over.

Those familiar know that he had an incredibly dope mash-up tape called Dirty South Dance. This is part two.
For $FREE.99. And as mentioned before…BandCamp >> most

01. Intro
02. Trizzy Turnt Up
03. How Low Can U Bake
04. We Don’t Want No Goblins
05. She Got a Dum Donk
06. Whatever You Shoot
07. Ice Cream On Blast
08. Carte Blanche ft. Kid Sister: Do! Do! Do!
09. Twerk That Driver
10. Vampires Going Ham
11. Loonies To Blow
12. Make The Trap Wile Out
13. O Let’s Overdo It
14. Donnis: Gone (DJ Craze remix)
15. Ain’t I A Joker

Download: A-Trak Presents Dirty South Dance 2


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