The End…For Now

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve put some serious effort into this. I do apologize for not making one of these earlier.

I have been plotting for something bigger than Fresh Out The Oven.
In the meantime while I try to find that for myself I have found exactly that as an intern at a great movement in the city I love. I have been helping at 1LOVETO, a site that is much more than a few posts on the internet. Check us out there. We really do some great things for the city and it’s people. And we throw some parties you should be at.
That Salad King rant was definitely me, and there will be plenty more in the coming months.

There is a future for FOTO. I mentioned I wanted more and we finally have that on the horizon. The idea is all there. I can’t wait to introduce you to some of the people I have working on the site with me. But it’s coming. It will be so much more, but I really encourage you guys to follow me on twitter for now. It will be worth it. I will tell you exactly when you can bookmark the Music section…

If you really want me to get all sappy…

FOTO was a trip. A great one. Concerts, a site with Wale, interviews with some local and upcoming artists, access to songs and albums well before I should…I had a blast here. There were days that 200+ people had read my opinion on 3 tracks, before I could wipe the sleep from my eyes. A few days just under 1000 people came through. I slacked here too often to ever build it to the appropriate following it needed.
But I do appreciate every single one of you who came by. ESPECIALLY those few who left comments.

If there is one thing I regret about this beauty it is the lack of promotion I gave to it. That will be very different next time around. I will see you before the start of 2011 folks. I promise you that. I hope you will lend me your eyes and ears again at that point.


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