To start, Welcome! It’s nice to be at WordPress officially! (November 23, 2008)
Welcome to the new page, or for those new visitors “THE” page.
You can read the top…We Do It For Hip Hop (sorry Luda). Expect nothing but amazing music from us. Nothing short of something you should AT LEAST listen to. Not the same can be said for that radio nonsense.

This isn’t really a real beginning, but a beginning of sorts we suppose.
Originally started by GrahamCEO back in June of 2008 over at an unrelated Blogger address (since obviously imported to WordPress). For a while it was just a way for GrahamCEO to get music out to friends who didn’t have any idea what was out at the time. Then it slowly snowballed into what it is today, posting everything and anything to do with this culture we love called Hip Hop. (If you’ve been coming here for a while, you SHOULD already know what we’re all about here at Fresh Out The Oven)
Everything hip-hop, including the laughter, women, fashion, limiteds…oh you thought hip-hop was music?…you must be lost.

GrahamCEOGrahamCEO Welcome Note:
Glad to have a focused site and staff, without a site that has my name on it. That was just plain stupid. If you are a follow-up fan from the original site, thank you for continuing this journey of sound, visuals and just plain stupidity. For those new visitors, I am glad to have you join the ride. Expect nothing but great music, advertising, women, fashion, sports, the good life…but mostly music. And expect the recipe, I can’t wait to hear you agree or disagree.
I am happy to have finally made the move to WordPress. Their community is so much better than where I was before. Nice to join the family over at WordPress too seeing as BraiNation and All Sports Talk(R.I.P) has its madness on this as well. Oh, that’s right I’ll say eh a lot. Habit…sorry. Don’t expect me to apologize much so there you go, right off the bat.


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