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Wouldn’t This Be Funny…

KehlaniIf this website just came back, out of nowhere? Wouldn’t that just be funny.

Maybe it will…for now, enjoy this Kehlani track I’ve been enjoying literally all morning. Assisted by Chance the Rapper.


Love & Basketball #43

If you haven’t heard Trey Songz “For The Sake Of Love”, you haven’t heard R&B. So…make sure you can say you listen to R&B. That might be a LITTLE bold, but it’s a real good song. Really, really good. Trey Songz >> ______(put any R&B artist name there)
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Monday Night Sexy

Yeah I know I missed a day, this track makes up for it. Thanks Dream and Luda. And yes, it’s a REAL remix. New verses, new beat, new chorus. WELL DONE gentlemen. At least on Luda’s verses and the new chorus…#justsaying

Download: The-Dream f/ Ludacris – Love King (remix)


Love & Basketball #42

I had to today folks. I mentioned on my Facebook page that I was upset I couldn’t share even a quarter of the R&B lyrics I wanted to as my “status”. I could, but won’t because I have my mom, teachers, and girls I’ve known since I was 4 on there…but here…this is another beast entirely. Here I can say things like…Attention to all my ex’s current boyfriends: she likes the way I do it better. She’s told me! HA!!
You know the routine after the jump, someone getting absolutely smashed on in the NBA and then something for you to dance horizontally.
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Love & Basketball #41

Not a bad track, if you can just drown out Ms. Minaj’s verse. I really do not understand her appeal. Don’t. I mean, musically.
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Sunday Monday Night Sexy

This is well worth me being late on the post. Olivia Munn in nothing but a jean shirt and a DOPE Mario track for your Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights. I do hope you are all using these tracks on days outside of Sunday after all.
Baby girl, what’s your situation?

Download: Mario – Backseat


Love & Basketball #40

I’ve BEEN doing this thing I guess, right? Love & Basketball didn’t even start at the start and I’m on my 40th post of it? Oh boy.
Just as expected, Usher tracks continue to leak and I have NO idea when his album is actually going to release. Speaking of releases, I guess since T.I is out Usher was allowed to leak the rest of his Atlanta features (oh ya and Luda, one of my favourite R&B rappers, is a feature on an URSH track too)
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Love & Basketball #39

Joe is the most consistent R&B artist of the last few years. Try and dispute that. Who? Alicia? Ok fine. Alicia is the only one more consistent. Oh, and Audrina could get it. Any day. Hi haters!
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