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Congratulations Blackhawks!

Picture of the team underneath. Exactly how they must all be feeling above.
I have to say, while I enjoy the NBA more than the NHL (shoot me, I’m not that Canadian after all) the NHL advertising team has done a much better job these playoffs than the NBA’s team. That remixing the players and coaches words needs to stop. Yesterday.
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Asher Roth All Access

Asher Roth being chosen as a Freshmen didn’t come as much of a surprise to me after that Drama/Cannon hosted mixtape introduced him to the world. His album didn’t disappoint as a debut either, especially for a white kid from the suburbs. And while it still remains to be seen if Asher will be a mainstay in Hip Hop or not, it is a sure thing that for right now Asher Roth is enjoying his moment.
This is the trailer for footage taken during his Great Hangover Tour. Aimed at giving fans a full view of what Asher and his team experience on tour, the trailer looks like something you may want to keep up with.

Check it out over at Asher Roth’s new web-site
*hint: it’s in the “Blog” section


Absolut Concert Series x Jay-Z

For those who know me, and those who don’t, you know I’m a huge fan of Jay-Z. The banner background for the site has been words making up the likeness of the man for as long as I can remember. As such, this is the perfect video for me to pour 15 minutes of my time into.
A while back, Absolut teamed up with Madison Square Garden to present a concert series (that is still ongoing today). One of those special concerts was Jay-Z’s performance at the Garden, centred around the Blueprint 3 release. The video gives you some more insight into the creative process of putting together a concert, and gives you a SLIGHTLY deeper look into the man that is Shawn Carter.

Be sure to check their official page out on Facebook.


iPad Commercial

I have to admit, I was a big skeptic of the iPad when I first heard about it. I knew Apple would make something cool without a doubt, but when I first heard the details of it I believe I uttered “why would I pay $600 for an oversized iPod Touch?”. I retract that statement.

Apple iPad [Canada | USA]
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Chris Brown x Tyga

I’ve been listening to this secretly for a minute now. Time to pay respect to a decent mixtape, as they finally make a decent video for one of the best songs on the tape. Kevin McCall is alright, I need more than a verse to form an OPINION though. Anyone?
Oh, and Brittany Dailey if anyone was wondering. Chris Brown can get out of here trying to rap, for the most part. But I still cannot deny that he is a talented singer. And he gets a mean Bruce Lee on in this video.

Download: Tyga & Chris Brown – Fan of a Fan Mixtape
*let me know about that link, not where I originally got it from…


Drake x Jamaica x Find Your Love x A REAL VIDEO!

I’ve been slacking. Honestly, there’s a great debate going on behind the scenes. Either way a new wordpress template is being created…what that “either way” is, that’s the great debate.

And this is exactly the kind of videos Drake needs to be putting out. Your music is only going to be considered as good as the video once it gets one…unless it’s Best I Ever Had…which this isn’t. I will say that I’m digging this song though, especially since I made the start time 30 seconds in.


Sunday Night Sexy

Amber Heard is gorgeous. Trey Songz is coming back in September with another album to smash everyone with. This is supposed to be the first leak. In my opinion, won’t make the album because it’s out now. But it’s certainly good enough to have made it otherwise.

Download: Trey Songz – Already Taken


Nas x Damian Marley x Video & Song

Visuals for what is the dopest song I’ve heard from them so far…but this K’Naan track below is seriously challenging that title.

Download: Nas & Damian Marley f/ K’Naan – Africa Must Wake Up
Bonus Download: Nas & Damian Marley f/ Joss Stone & Lil Wayne – My Generation
*highly doubting the bonus download will be available by the time this post goes up. That’s mostly on purpose. Go buy that album!a

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