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The End…For Now

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve put some serious effort into this. I do apologize for not making one of these earlier.

I have been plotting for something bigger than Fresh Out The Oven.
In the meantime while I try to find that for myself I have found exactly that as an intern at a great movement in the city I love. I have been helping at 1LOVETO, a site that is much more than a few posts on the internet. Check us out there. We really do some great things for the city and it’s people. And we throw some parties you should be at.
That Salad King rant was definitely me, and there will be plenty more in the coming months.

There is a future for FOTO. I mentioned I wanted more and we finally have that on the horizon. The idea is all there. I can’t wait to introduce you to some of the people I have working on the site with me. But it’s coming. It will be so much more, but I really encourage you guys to follow me on twitter for now. It will be worth it. I will tell you exactly when you can bookmark the Music section…

If you really want me to get all sappy…
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Eminem Thinks He’s Funny…

So Eminem jumped on Twitter at 1am EST this morning/last night to announce that “There is no Relapse 2”. While most would panic, anyone closer to the situation would realize that Just Blaze has been going on and on about how crazy Marshall is going in the studio. End result, it is only a different album title. Eminem is still coming with an album this year, unless he pulls one of his mentor’s moves and REALLY unimpresses me.

UPDATE: So it’s just called “Recovery”. As expected, just a new album title. Felt it was time for a new direction from Relapse, hence the release of the Refill.


Should Be Back Soon

I promise, I’ll be back soon. And by that I mean I promise that my Mac will be back soon. The folks at the store this time were kind enough to tell me that previously the only work done was to replace the KEYS of the keyboard. Clearly that’s not the problem “Geniuses”. The gentleman at the store who helped me this time is ensuring that all the bottom components are replaced.
I’ll believe it when I see it. For now, enjoy the new Cypress Hill video.

I’m actually, for one of very few times in life, sorry for how long I’ve been away. I swear it’ll be back soon….I hope it’ll be back soon.


Update Your Bookmarks

We are changing back to our wordpress domain as of January 30th.

Make sure you update your bookmarks so that they take you to and not before that time.
Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience folks.


My Apologies…Brief Hiatus

I really do apologize. There hasn’t been a ton of music to be posting anyway, but I haven’t posted any. I am slacking and I know it. Even my close friends are starting to give me the business about not having any new music up. It’ll come in the New Year. We’ll be back on the 2nd, LATEST the 4th ready to tear through 2010.
We will be back up with some choices for the “Best of 2009” categories, music catch-up, one or two mixtapes worth posting and then onto the next one, right 2009? Right.


Merry Christmas From FOTO

I’m going to be enjoying the festivities of the NFL, NBA and my family today. Hope everyone has a happy holidays and a safe one at that. Merry Christmas.

GrahamCEO, hansonjr, rflynn17 and bpoint5


50K Day

50kday*single tear*


Discounted Goods

A new section appears. Tiny to start I know. It’s a grower. Ha.
Basically anything I think I kind of like, but not enough to post. Or that I really hate but other people would like. Or rappers I dislike doing something that I can’t hate. Anything ALMOST post-worthy will be up there. Sometimes you will find tracks, other times videos, twitter messages worth reading, other times news stories and other times it might have nothing to do with Fresh Out The Oven at all but I think people should see it. It’s at a discount anyway. Use at your own discretion.


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